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Problem with Safe Gamertag

MessaggioInviato: 25/11/2014, 1:15
da AudiTyp44
My name is Adrian and im new here, first thanks to your amazing work!
But ive got a little Problem.
Ive installed everything but i only get this:

sssss.png (25.96 KiB) Osservato 404 volte

Tried everything, refreshed the style, used prosilver, installed with automod or manually.
I think something went wrong with the link to the formular html ?

Please help me :(


Greetings from Germany


Re: Problem with Safe Gamertag

MessaggioInviato: 25/11/2014, 14:59
da Nistelroy78
I dont Speak German so i dont know what exactly is the problem and what you want to obtain - Safe Gamertag is ONLY for people to set there PSN ID - it has nothing to do with the leaderboard.

Secondly, i had a few issues with installation in my langauge even i have made the Danish Language file for Soshen last year it seem like i had to install it on english forum, then change language on forum back to danish

Thirdly if it is the leaderboard you need to also install the leaderboard file, BUT it DOESNT work and we have waited 5 month for a update but we havent seen it so i am not sure if Soshen are providing some or not, it would be nice to know because if it doesnt come, i am removing the PHPBB forum, which i ONLY Install for Trophy Leaderboard purpse

Re: Problem with Safe Gamertag

MessaggioInviato: 06/12/2014, 19:59
da Soshen
leaderboard is only addon
the safegt works stand alone...

like nistelroy said at now the leaderboard can't retrieve user games/trophy data.

For the error that you post, you should traslate to me... but i think is a cURL problem and if you disable the advance gamerid and gt check it will works.