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PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 20/02/2014, 19:04
da Soshen

REV. 1.0.6

PSN Leaderboard Addon is a mod for Safe GamerTag for phpBB and adds a tracking and leaderboard system for PSN players.

The system automatically captures the status and achievements of all the games that you played on Playstation 3 and Playstation VITA.


Use PSN x22 external API if local do not work.


  • Compatible with PS3 and PS VITA.
  • Management manual and automatic games and trophies: everything is editable.
  • Trophy support multilingual, if there are a trophy list will be displayed in the user's language.
  • Auto updates from the database games and trophies.
  • Totally autonomous. The script does not rely on external API.
  • Page leaderboard with rankings members
  • User details page with personal info and games played.
  • Game detail page with list of users who have played it.
  • Trophies detail page for a user and relative game.
  • Trophy detail page with list of all users who have unlocked it.
  • System "First / Fast": the system tracks the first and the fastest user that got 100% for the games.
  • Games / Trophy list DB page where you can see games listed unlinked by users.
  • Available languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Danish.
  • Template base provided: prosilver.

Needs Safe GamerTag > 2.0.0 installed, php > 5, cURL active.

Video from installation to usage


Why Donation for support
Since I have decided, as an aid for the costs of the server, to ask a donation, it should be clarified that in the face of this you get access to the database games and trophies of the community, a instrument for which it will be possible to auto updates many definitions of games and trophies that are already in the list, and that the donation itself is unique, one-off, so for all future versions will not be necessary give me other one.
The mod works without donation? Yes but i will not provide help and you can't have access to games and trophies db... sorry.


2014/02/20 - Version1.0.6

  • Fixed all know bugs
  • Fix a security Issue
  • Works after new PSN update

2013/08/18 - Version1.0.4

  • fixed all know bugs
  • trophies first check
  • automatic system for notice user that may have unlocked trophies in not legit ways. Not all trick!
  • game score, and % using the trophies value (not direct, it needs a bit of days in your system for update users)
  • game page sorted by % and time of 100% like a leaderboard
  • first platinum system
  • new platform ps3 + ps vita
  • 100% Club
  • Config for hide username in leaderboard table
  • Trophy Tip system
  • User scan function for fake trophies
  • DLC support
  • User can show their PSN profile (avatar, level etc) on their topic

2013/04/30 - Version1.0.3

  • Fixed all know bugs
  • Set the page title for each section
  • Added the DLC hash for new logo type
  • Now you can add manually trophies to saved trophy list

2013/04/12 - Version1.0.2

  • Added games and trophies database list page
  • Added user management page
  • Added nation filter for main leaderboard page
  • Added latest trophies box in user psn page
  • Added possibility for users to reset their profile, useful for changing the ID
  • Added possibility to reupdate a game via network automatically

2013/01/10 - Version1.0.1

  • Changed the auto updating system

2012/11/27 - Version1.0.0

  • Just release as beta version

Have fun

Maybe the trophies update process can forgot to update some games.
If after the long updating process you still have some games without trophies you must go in the game (each one) and click to auto update... and you get the list.

I can't see the trophy list... i see something like that:
If you use a custom template and you have update from 1.0.4 you must edit psn_trophy.html template file adding the new version of code (it change on 1.0.5).
Otherwise you haven't edited your custom language file after a update (from 1.0.4).

The games update do not work!
Put in ACP safe gamertag config, on api system, the external x22 api.

Now a user can show his PSN profile on his topics?
Each user can override the forum avatar with the PSN avatar and add PSN level... etc...
just going to user control panel / profile and active it.

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 20/02/2014, 19:06
da Soshen
If the system do not work after you put x22 external api
you must send me the SURFERTEST result again (in pm).

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 20/02/2014, 23:33
da asumos
those that already donated still on the list for db?

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 21/02/2014, 18:29
da SwT-CarbonzZ
Working without set time limit?

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 21/02/2014, 23:10
da Soshen
yeah for both
the Donation is for DB not for API

Api is free but cose we want check the amount of loading splitting in 2 system we have added the key and white list.

So install mod
put in config the EXTERNAL x22 api
and try
if it doesn't work send me via pm the surfertest result again writing the domain relative.

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 22/02/2014, 7:55
da alientunero
EXTERNAL x22 api is made by Soshen and i :)

We need to know if it works like you expects :)

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 22/02/2014, 8:25
da SwT-CarbonzZ
Well for some reason my psn id would not appear on the leaderboard and after running cache and refreshing it all works now ;)

Just the latest games are not displayed like here.

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 23/02/2014, 13:18
da Nistelroy78
Percentage not showing correct - Example here : ... user&u=194 whats his bf3 and 4 trophies not same percentage as actually obaitn

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 24/02/2014, 9:25
da Soshen
well on the trophylist the percentage are correct?
Try to check in acp the games, if have the total score setted.

Re: PSN Leaderboard Addon rev. 1.0.6

MessaggioInviato: 24/02/2014, 12:44
da Phat32
I just updated from 1.0.5 and I still can't updated my database. Still getting this error:

It was not possible to access the file to update. Maybe you are not registered to the community?

What should I do now?