Trofei di Jintei per Magic Orbz
Playstation 3
Il primo ad aver completato il gioco è stato TrueCheater il 06/05/2010, 18:25.
Il più veloce 100% è stato di Warfigher in 10 gio, 1 ore, 7 min, 56 sec.

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Logo Titolo / Descrizione / Guida Guide Acquisito il Tipo
Base game Base game
Complete ‘Plundering Pirates’ Episode
0 30/07/2009, 10:14
Complete ‘Naughty Knights’ Episode
0 30/07/2009, 11:52
10 in a Row
Complete 10 Levels in a Row
0 30/07/2009, 9:36
25 in a Row
Complete 25 Levels in a Row
500K Plan
Score 500,000 points
0 06/07/2010, 15:22
Millionaire’s Club
Score 1,000,000 points
Cat's nine lives
Gain 9 Extra Lives
Bonus Plan
Collect 200 ‘Bonus Points’ power-ups
Complete a level within one minute
0 30/07/2009, 9:22
Goodbye Cruel World
5 Killer Skulls Collected
Award Winner
Collect all Awards in the original game
Back in the Chain Gang
Start a chain reaction with a bunch of cannons
0 30/07/2009, 9:25
Through the Fire and Flames
Seek out and aid the lone knight in his fight against the dragons
0 16/08/2009, 14:48
[Wicked Witches] EE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!
Complete ‘Wicked Witches’ Episode
0 03/08/2009, 12:41
[Wicked Witches] 50 in a Row
Complete 50 Levels in a Row
[Wicked Witches] More Points Than You’ll Ever Need
Score 2,000,000 points
[Wicked Witches] Evening Exorcist
An evil witch performs dark rituals. Put an end to them by hitting her at nighttime.
0 03/08/2009, 11:27
[Wicked Witches] As You Wish
No one should hinder true love. Find the lovers and make those around them go away.
0 03/08/2009, 11:32
[Winter] Let it snow!
Complete the "Winter" episode
0 04/07/2010, 14:37
[Winter] Penguins in Danger!
Help the valiant penguins fight the nasty bears!
0 04/07/2010, 13:59
[Winter] Call For Help!
Call for help by launching the fireworks! Don’t let the witch notice you! Avoid hitting this elderly lady.
0 04/07/2010, 14:07
[Winter] I fly only first class
And finally, send that old man in a red cap off on a big air trip
0 04/07/2010, 15:03
[Jungle] Conquistador
Conquer the new continent’s lands.
0 06/07/2010, 16:01
[Jungle] Keen cannoneer
The villagers have been attacked by tigers. Help them by shooting the tigers from the cannons without hitting any other objects (except for the fireworks).
0 06/07/2010, 16:24
[Jungle] Enchanted water
Three enchanted waterfalls maintain the shaman’s force. Destroy them to defeat the shaman.
0 06/07/2010, 16:39
[Jungle] The enemy is defeated!
Now the shaman is defenseless, but he’s not that easy to beat! The thunderstorm will help you.
0 06/07/2010, 15:59

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