OTL like Members list?

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OTL like Members list?

Messaggioda Daniel » 09/05/2011, 17:17


Your topics index list looks good and what I've been looking for.

There's a couple of things I'd like to know:

Could this list be a link like the members list? The reason I ask is because in the example you have the letters of the alphabet to search for topics just like the letters in the member's list to search for members.

If this could be done then one could have a permanent link in the navbar where the topics list could be browsed with a click.

To give you an example, I did the following in Photoshop to show you what it would look like:


(note: click on image for actual view)

By the way, your video for OTL does not have any sound either on the embed or from youtube directly.



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Re: OTL like Members list?

Messaggioda Soshen » 09/05/2011, 22:05

Yes i dont care about put any sound :D

BTW the problem is that each forums and subforums can have list.
The only way for have a perm.link is to a page where you can choice what forum's list display.
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