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Re: phpRivalsMod 2.0 demo

Messaggioda duo014 » 01/05/2012, 10:30

So true, yet There is something else I want to discuss, because I think you misunderstood. - I don't have that much time -, and if you want some extra support in the future (as in free games and funds) just contact me, so that we don't have too much time lost before our next event starts (we do official e-sports).

And already tried to install the gamercard mod. but it doesn't seem to go from page confirm to anything.
as in I put in my gamercard/psn tag click confirm but it doesn't accept.

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Re: phpRivalsMod 2.0 demo

Messaggioda Soshen » 05/05/2012, 11:43

I do not understand well.
Open a new topic this haven't any business with the demo.
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