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28 December 2012
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PSN Leaderboard Addon is a mod for Safe GamerTag for phpBB and adds a tracking and leaderboard system for PSN players.

The system automatically captures the status and achievements of all the games that you played on Playstation 3 and Playstation VITA.


Since I have decided, as an aid for the costs of the server, to ask a donation, it should be clarified that in the face of this you get access to the database games and trophies of the community, a instrument for which it will be possible to auto updates many definitions of games and trophies that are already in the list, and that the donation itself is unique, one-off, so for all future versions will not be necessary give me other one.



  • Compatible with PS3 and PS VITA.
  • Management manual and automatic games and trophies: everything is editable.
  • Trophy support multilingual, if there are a trophy list will be displayed in the user's language.
  • Auto updates from the database games and trophies.
  • Totally autonomous. The script does not rely on external API.
  • Page leaderboard with rankings members
  • User details page with personal info and games played.
  • Game detail page with list of users who have played it.
  • Trophies detail page for a user and relative game.
  • Trophy detail page with list of all users who have unlocked it.
  • System "First / Fast": the system tracks the first and the fastest user that got 100% for the games. First Platinum system
  • Databse games / trophy list stand alone page.
  • Trophies first check
  • Trophy Tip system.
  • Available languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Danish.
  • Template base provided: prosilver.
  • User can show the PSN profile (avatar, level atc) on their topics.


Needs Safe GamerTag > 2.0.0 installed, php > 5.x, cURL.


Click on this link below:

The "minimal" amount will be setted to 8€.
Will appear a new form field too, where you must to write the max 2 sites where you will install the mod.


Video from installation to usage


Sample images:

Downloads available:

Name (downloaded) download Revision Bytes CRC Downloads
Board3 Latest Games module (793 times) 1.0.0 16.299 FF57B6CD Downloads sfv
Board3 Latest Unlocked Trophies module (825 times) 1.0.0 17.676 DCF0E0AB Downloads sfv
PSN Leaderboard Addon (19 times) 1.0.0 beta 570.974 F705671D Downloads sfv
PSN Leaderboard Addon rev.1.0.1 (15 times) 1.0.1 573.829 EC71D099 Downloads sfv
Danish premod language file (442 times) 1.0.2 12.672 38CA2255 Downloads sfv
English premod language file (433 times) 1.0.2 12.251 E0CC2D06 Downloads sfv
Italiano premod language file (448 times) 1.0.2 12.733 68A61AF5 Downloads sfv
PSN Leaderboard Addon rev.1.0.2 (11 times) 1.0.2 606.466 7E5C5444 Downloads sfv
Languages premod pack 1.0.3 (464 times) 1.0.3 51.096 E3FB25F3 Downloads sfv
PSN Leaderboard Addon rev.1.0.3 (749 times) 1.0.3 645.915 2A66DE88 Downloads sfv
PSN Leaderboard Addon rev.1.0.4 (880 times) 1.0.4 659.627 9616639D Downloads sfv
PSN Leaderboard Addon rev.1.0.6 (564 times) 1.0.6 672.361 D73A90FD Downloads sfv
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